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G. Fence


This song is about the need to reconnect with where we came from. It's about knowing who we are. It's about recharging batteries so we can face whatever is coming with positivity and a smile.


He believes the meaning of this song will continue to make sense through his life as it has been for so long.


The debut album “Sonar” is an immersive subconscious trip. With the overall decisions you get through in life,  it is common to feel overwhelmed. This album represents states of mind and stages you go through as a human, in order to find what you are looking for. 

But, mostly, it represents a turnaround. A positive change in the way you approach yourself, your life, your relationships, your goals and your surroundings. Only to find that there is no finish line. Just more road ahead, and that is ok.

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G. Fence is an adventurous soul, who lives with passion. Lives to live and experience. Is always excited for what is coming next. 


Inspired by not really knowing where life may take us, his music reflects that uncertainty, but at the same time embraces it as an opportunity to be free and creative.

To be audacious enough to defy the odds. To be brave enough to change the course of things.  To be persistent in chasing what we want. Even when we are not sure what it is. Because we are still figuring it out.


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